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Mr Sam  Dias


Mr Sam Dias

Adv.Dip.Dent.Pros, Dip.Dent.Tech

Dental Prosthetist

Sam Dias has been working within the Dental Laboratory field since the early 1990's.

In 2005 he completed his Dental Technology Diploma and in 2008 he opened and ran a fully functional Dental Laboratory. He then continued to further complete his Advanced Diploma Of Dental Prosthetics in 2010, followed by opening up his first Dental Practice in Sydney.

After continuing to practice both within the Dental Surgery and the Dental Laboratory, he opened a second dental practice in 2013, two years later he opened a third dental practice followed by opening the fourth in 2017.

During this time Sam has continued to further his knowledge within all areas of Dentistry, by travelling the world completing courses and searching for innovative ideas. He has continued to build his businesses around the latest dental technology's, whilst gaining the knowledge and skill of upcoming dental products and procedures.

Sam now provides courses and lectures of the products and techniques he uses and or has developed himself.

Sam is well known and respected within his local communities for being a passionate, genuine and caring practitioner towards his patients whilst also passionate business person all-round.

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