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Adding an event to

If you're the organiser of dental education and events, then please list all of your events - whether a short webinar or a multi-day face-to-face congress - on the calendar to ensure you gain maximum exposure. It's free and now easier than ever!

Our goal is to list as many dental events as possible to ensure visitors have a comprehensive selection to match their educational goals and in turn, we promote the Dentevents calendar in multiple ways to the dental profession as their #1 source of information on upcoming post-graduate dental events and education.

Adding a dental event to the Dentevents calendar is easy and can be completed in two ways.

Express Listings

The fastest and simplest way to add an event to the calendar is through an Express Listing.

Express Listings allow you to quickly submit details of your event without the need to create an Account and without a username and password.

Simply select Express Listing from the Adding Events menu, enter all the requested information and click SUBMIT.

Your event will be reviewed within 24 hours (or sooner). You will be contacted by email to advise if more information is required.

You will also receive a link by email that allows you to modify the listing if required as well as check on the approval process.

Express Listings are viewed "inline" in the calendar - meaning that when the event is clicked, the listing expands, rather than opening in a new TAB, as happens with Standard Listings and Premium Listings.

Express Listings only include limited information about your event and do not include images or links to the Organiser, Venue or Speaker Profiles.

Standard Listings

The traditional pathway for adding events to the calendar is by creating an Account through the Dental Community portal website.

Standard Listings open on their own page and can be directly accessed by a URL.

Each Standard Listing includes a:

  • Link to your Organiser Profile.
  • Link to the Venue Profile including a Google™ map.
  • Links to each Speaker's Profile.

A suite of tools for entering and managing your events is available within the Dental Community portal website.

If you organise dental events on a regular basis, then we would recommend creating an Account in the Dental Community and using the Manage Your Events option to enter your events. More information on creating an account can be found under Event Organisers.

Standard Listings do not incur a fee.

Premium Listings

Premium Listings open on their own page and can act as a microsite for your event.

Premium Listings can be directly accessed via a URL and you can delegate your own domain name (i.e. or similar) to the page.

Premium Listings include all the features of Standard Listings, plus you can:

  • Add a banner image to increase your prominence in the calendar.
  • Accept registrations for your event.
  • Accept payments for your event.
  • Manage your delegates easily.
  • Create a detailed programme - multiple days, multiple streams, multiple sessions.
  • Automatically Log CPD and automatically generate CPD certificates for delegates.
  • Add images, social media links and detailed information on things like 'What to Bring' and 'Accommodation'.
  • Embed videos.
  • Include information on sponsors and trade show exhibitors.
  • Upload brochures, prospectuses, conference programmes, forms, etc.
  • And more...

Premium Listings are entered in the same way as Standard Listings - create an Account in the Dental Community and use the Manage Your Events option to enter your events.

Premium Listings incur a fee of AUD$295.00 per event. An annual Premium Upgrade subscription is also available for AUD$2500.00 per annum. Any events that you add during the subscription period are automatically upgraded to a Premium Listing.

Once you have created a Standard Listing, you can then upgrade it to a Premium Listing from within the portal.

To see an example of a Premium Listing, see


CONTACT US if you need more information or assistance.