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Dental Events commencing  Tuesday, 27 July, 2021


Dentevents… offers multiple opportinities to increase the prominence of your event. Rates listed below are based on cost per 1000 impressions (Cost per mille or CPM) and are in Australian Dollars.

Gutters: max 744 x 891 pixels x 2 (left and right) - AUD $50 cpm

Leaderboard (banner): 728 x 90 pixels - AUD $30 cpm

Sliders: 650 x 360 pixels - AUD $40 cpm

Rectangle: 210 x 155 pixels - AUD $20 cpm

Large Rectangle: 336 x 280 pixels - AUD $30 cpm

Artwork should be supplied in optimised JPG or PNG formats. Please inquire about using other image formats.

Adverts can link to display the listing for the event within the Dentevents website or to an external website,

Gutters, Sliders and Rectangles are restricted to advertising for events. Leaderboards and Large Rectangles are open and can appear across other sites on the Dental Community Network.

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