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Accepting registrations through

If you're organising any kind of dental event or education program, it's essential that you accept registrations and payments for your event online. Delegates expect to be able to register easily from their mobile phone, tablet or PC any time of the day or night. Simply, if you do not accept registrations and payments online, you may not fulfil your delegate potential.

In addition, accepting registrations and payments online reduces your administrative overhead by 90%. In many cases, the entire registration and payment process is handled autonomously - all you need to do is print the name badges and sign in sheet before the event begins and you're set.

The key to accepting registrations and payments online is to make the experience better, faster and more convenient than alternatives such as:

  • Manually completing a registration form -
    • Remember, it's difficult to print a form from a mobile phone!
    • And, it's hard to read hand written information on the form, leading to poor quality data.
  • Emailing for more information - which reduces efficiency and inevitably leads to a form being emailed back (see point 1).
  • Calling you.

If you're an event organiser, accepting registrations and payments can work seamlessly for delegates and autonomously for you.

Importantly, if you're sending email campaigns (eDMs) to solicit registrations, then delegates must be able to seamlessly click a "register now" link to complete the entire process electronically.

You can easily accept registrations for your event through

The registration engine was purpose-built specifically for the types of events that occur in dentistry.

When delegates register using, the data they enter is validated using our database of over 30,000 dental professional contacts, resulting in event organisers receiving "gold standard" data with a high degree of accuracy.

Importantly, the powerful registration engine can be "configured" around the structure of your event. will charge different prices for different practitioner types, "sell" your optional workshops, ask your delegates if they want to bring a "guest" to dinner, record special dietary requirements, manage early bird and promo code discounts and even allocate discounts automatically to group/club/association members.

Features include:

  • Easily accept registrations for any type of dental event from a free webinar to a lecture to a congress.
  • Start accepting payments immediately into your own account using your existing credit card merchant facility or PayPal account.
  • Comprehensive registration engine using AI created specifically to manage all types of events in dentistry.
  • Flexibility to accept registrations with multiple prices and options to allow registrations for the most complex of event formats to be accepted autonomously. For example:
    • Multiple Prices can be set for each event. For example, a price can be set for a single day of a multi-day event.
    • Prices can be set based on the practitioner type of the registrant. For example, one price can apply to dentists and a different price can apply to dental hygienists. These prices can be automatically applied, for example, if a dentist attempts to register by selecting the dental hygienist price, you can opt to automatically apply the correct pricing. If multiple practitioners register on a single (group) booking, then the relevant price for each practitioner can be automatically applied.
    • Prices can be set based on the sequence of the registrant in a group booking. For example, if 8 people register together on a single (group) booking, then a different price can be applied to each registrant based on their sequence in the group. The first person could be charged $200, the second person $180, the third person, $160, etc.
    • Optional components can be offered during registration. For example, the delegate can be offered the choice of attending multiple optional hands-on workshops. AI guides the delegate through the workshop selection process to ensure they can only choose valid options. For example, the delegate is prevented from registering for workshops that occur concurrently; or workshops that are physically distant from each other whereby the delegate would not have sufficient time to travel between the locations (designed for events using multiple venues).
    • For optional components like a gala dinner, delegates can be allowed to both choose to attend and also choose to bring guests, either at no cost or for an additional fee. Details of the guest(s) are also recorded during the registration process.
    • Optional components can be added to a plenary registration at a later date if required. If the delegate did not choose a workshop when they initially registered, they can "add" this to their registration at a later date (assuming places remain available). Equally, event organisers can add extra optional components at any time and offer these to delegates already registered.
    • Registration caps/limits can be set for the event and the optional components. For example, a limit of 50 people can be assigned to an event and the event will show SOLD OUT once this delegate number is reached. One delegate limit can be applied to the plenary component of an event and then separate limits applied to optional components, for example hands-on workshops. AI manages caps even on group bookings, only offering delegates booking together a choice of the places available.
    • Discounted rates can selectively be applied based on:
      • Early bird pricing - A discount is applied up until a certain date.
      • PROMO Codes - A discount is applied when a PROMO Code is entered on the payment page. Multiple PROMO Codes can be created per event.
      • Registration Sequence - A discount is applied based on the sequence in a group booking (e.g. buy 2 get 1 free, etc).
      • A PAID Subscription to Australasian Dental Practice magazine.
      • Memberships - A discount can be applied if the delegate is a "member" of an established Group List (This is created in the Dental Community portal).
    • Dietary requirements can be requested. We advise event organisers to obtain a list of the special dietary options available which in turn are entered into Delegates can then record their needs during registration based on the options the venue provides. Delegates can also be asked a question during registration or permitted to enter additional information.

For the majority of events, event organisers can easily enable registrations and payments through the Dental Community portal.

For events with more complex structures, will program the registration engine for you to ensure the process is as straightforward as possible for delegates and your administrative overhead is significantly reduced.


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