ADA NSW June 30 2021

Dental Events In commencing  Wednesday, 16 June, 2021

Accepting registrations through

You can easily accept registrations for your event through

The registration engine was purpose-built specifically for the types of events that occur in dentistry.

Features include:

  • Multiple prices can be set-up according to a variety of factors including:
    • The practitioner type of the registrant. For example, one price can apply to dentists and a different price can apply to dental hygienists. These prices can be automatically applied, for example. If a dentist attempts to register by selecting the dental hygienist price, you can opt to automatically apply the correct pricing. If multiple practitioners register on a single (group) booking, then the relevant price for each practitioner can be automatically applied.
    • The sequence of the registrant in a group booking. For example, if 8 people register together on a single (group) booking, then a different price can be applied to each registrant based on their sequence in the group. The first person could be charged $200, the second person $180, the third person, $160, etc.
    • Adding dinner guests. For example, if you are accepting registrations for a congress with a gala dinner, you can also record details of the delegate's dinner guest(s) and if appropriate, charge an additional fee for each "guest".
    • Record dietary requirements. We advise event organisers to obtain a list of the special dietary options available which in turn are entered into Delegates can then record their needs during registration based on the options the venue provides.
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