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Dental Events In commencing  Saturday, 24 February, 2024

Standard Listings

Standard Listings are the most common listing type on After creating an account through the Dental Community portal website, navigate to the Manage Your Events page and click the Add Event icon. More information on creating an account can be found under Event Organisers

The setup wizard will then ask you to enter rudimentary details about your event. The Event Manager dashboard will then be displayed which allows you to enter more detailed information.

Standard Listings are automatically linked to your Organiser Profile on, which allows potential delegates to both view information about your organisation and also see all the events you have previously listed on as well as Upcoming Events.


Unless you're organising a Webinar or Online Learning Program, you will need to link a Venue to your event. This, in turn, links your event to the Venue Profile on which includes a map, description of the Venue and a list of past and upcoming events.

There is a TAB on the Event Manager dashboard labelled VENUE that facilitates the adding of a Venue. The first step in this process is to search to see if the Venue is already contained in the Venue database. The database already includes hundreds of Venues that have been utilised in the past for dental events making it a simple matter to link to one of these. If the Venue cannot be found, then you can also create a new Venue.

The process of linking to existing Venues both expedites event set-up and also builds the profile of the Venue. If you're looking for a Venue for a future event, you can thus easily gauge its suitability based on past events staged there.

If you're looking for a Venue, there is a Venue Search function available in


Typically, an event will also be linked to the Speakers presenting at the event. Similar to Venues, there is an expansive database of Speakers already contained within that includes virtually every registered dental practitioner and technician in Australia and New Zealand, together with a host of prominent international Speakers.

There is a TAB on the Event Manager dashboard labelled SPEAKERS that facilitates the adding of a Speaker. The first step in this process is to search to see if the Speaker is already contained in the Speaker database. In this way, it is simple and efficient to link to the Speaker's existing profile. If the Speaker cannot be found, then you can also create a new Speaker record and load their photo, bio and more.

Content and Audience

Part of the event set-up process includes assigning up to 5 "topics" to your event from a list of hundreds in order to guide potential registrants in choosing an event.

Similarly, an "audience" also needs to be selected. The audience is categorised by the practitioner type for which the content is tailored, for example, General Dentists; Orthodontists; Dental Technicians; Dental Hygienists; Dental Assistants; etc.

Duplicating Events

The Event Manager dashboard allows events to be easily duplicated which is particularly designed for when the same event is staged in multiple locations, such as occurs in a speaking "tour".

Events in a series can be "linked" together to allow potential delegates to easily see all the locations of the event they are interested in.

Event Organisers

If you regularly organise dental events, then we would recommend creating an Account in the Dental Community and using the Manage Your Events option to enter your events.

More information is available under the Event Organisers menu option.

Unlimited Standard listings can be entered at no cost.


CONTACT US if you need more information or assistance.