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Managing your delegates

When you are accepting registrations for your events through Dentevents, you can view delegate information 24/7 by logging in to the Dental Community portal.

If LIVE processing of payments is in place (see Payment Solutions), the delegate registration process works autonomously.

Delegate management is divided into three areas:

Managing Registrations

The Registrants TAB provides information on individual registrants (delegates) who have successfully registered or attempted to register for your event. For each delegate, the information recorded includes:

  • Full name.
  • Dental Board registration details including practitioner type.
  • Email Address.
  • Mobile Phone Number.
  • Practice location and contact details.
  • Summary of any options selected (workshops, etc).
  • Payment Status.
  • Special Meal Choice.
  • Any additional information entered during registration.
  • And a log of all correspondence sent to the delegate.

Registrant data can be downloaded as a spreadsheet or various reports can be generated including sign-in sheets and name badges. Tools are also available to communicate with delegates and reminders can be set-up to automatically email delegates prior to the event commencing.

Registrant data is validated against our existing database of practitioner information so you will be provided with highly accurate information.

Managing Payments

The Payments TAB provides information on payments or attempted payments by delegates for your event.

Full details of the payment are included and payments can be accepted on credit cards, via PayPal or on an account (invoice) basis (see Payment Solutions).

Various reports can be generated and tools are also available for managing discounts, refunds, cancellations and more.

Managing Delegate CPD

Using Microsoft Word, you can create a CPD Certificate template for your event and load this into Dentevents. A list of Mail Merge fields to include are provided. This template is used to create custom CPD certificates for all delegates.

At the conclusion of your event, the ATTENDANCE TAB is updated to indicate if the delegate attended the event in full, partially attended the event by entering the number of hours present or if the delegate did not attend.

After this information has been entered and "Locked", CPD Certificates can be emailed to all delegates with two mouse clicks.


CONTACT US if you need more information or assistance.