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About Us

First published online in 1998, Dentevents™ is an online reference of upcoming events, congresses, workshops, trade shows, webinars and educational opportunities for dental professionals and the dental industry. It is maintained by professionals in the dental community and has been online for more than two decades. Using Dentevents, you can search for a dental event globally by date, location, event name, speaker name, organiser name or venue name. You can also review speaker profiles, venue profiles and organiser profiles to help you if you are planning an event in the future.

Adding events

There is no charge to add your event to Dentevents at the basic level.

Premium listings are also available for a fee to increase the content displayed about an event and its prominence within the listing sections.

Online advertising opportunities are also available to increase the prominence of an event on a continual basis. For more information, see the Advertise option.

To add an event, use the Express Listing or Contact Us and request your free Username and Password to enter events through the Dental Community portal.

Accepting Registrations and Payments

Dentevents also incorporates a comprehensive engine for accepting registrations and accepting payments for any event from a simple lecture to a full congress and offers tools to manage delegates, payments and CPD requirements cost-effectively.

The Dentevents registration engine will allow you to easily offer a way to register and pay for your event together with the tools to reduce your administrative load significantly.

Contact Us for more information on accepting registrations for your event.

Who we are

Dentevents™ is a service provided by Main Street Publishing Pty Ltd. We publish three magazines for dental professionals in Australia and New Zealand - Australasian Dental Practice, Oral Hygiene and eLABORATE - and the following websites for professionals in the dental industry: