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Premium Listings

Premium listings are a paid option that builds on the features of a Standard Listing. Premium listings are designed to act as a microsite for your event and are suitable for all event types, from a short lecture to a multi-stream, multi-day, multi-speaker congress style event. Premium listings can be directly accessed by a URL and you can also use your own domain name (i.e. www.yourdentaleventname.com.au or similar).

Premium Listings include all the features of a Standard Listing, plus you can:

  • Add a banner image to increase your prominence in the calendar listing and detail page.
  • Accept registrations for your event.
  • Accept payments for your event.
  • Manage your delegates easily.
  • Create a detailed structured programme featuring multiple days, multiple streams, multiple sessions and multiple speakers.
  • Log CPD and generate CPD certificates for delegates.
  • Add gallery images, social media links and detailed information on things like 'What to Bring' and 'Accommodation'.
  • Add a list of your sponsors and trade show exhibitors.
  • Upload brochures, prospectuses, conference programmes, forms, etc.
  • And more...

Premium Listings are entered in the same way as Standard Listings - create an Account in the Dental Community and use the Manage Your Events option to enter your events.

Premium Listings incur a fee of AUD$295.00 per event. An annual Premium Upgrade subscription is also available for AUD$2500.00 per annum. Any events that you add during the subscription period are automatically upgraded to Premium.

Once you have created a Standard Listing, you can then upgrade to Premium from within the Dental Community portal.

To see an example of a Premium Listing, view www.dentaltechnology.com.au.

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