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Dental Events In commencing  Tuesday, 18 June, 2024

Event Organisers

If you regularly organise dental education and events, Dentevents can offer you a full suite of services to help you with every aspect of event management.

Rather than act as a traditional event organiser, we can work with you to provide only the services you need.

Alternatively, if you're looking for more of a "full service" model, then Partnering With Us may be the solution you're looking for.

The services we can offer you include:

Adding events

As an event organiser, we encourage you to add your events to the calendar.

If you regularly organise dental events, then we encourage you to use the Dental Community portal to create your events which offers more comprehensive options for managing multiple events as well as creating a better delegate experience.

Creating a Dental Community account

To create a Dental Community account, visit and click "SIGN IN". Then click the "Sign up now. It's Free." option.

Once you have completed this process and verified your account, click "Where You Work" and then "Add Workplace".

This will allow you to create an "Organiser Profile".

Creating events

After setting up your Organiser Profile, navigate to the "Manage Your Events" link and click "Add Event" to create an event.

The advantages of using the Dental Community portal to create your events include:

  • All your events will be linked to your Organiser Profile.
  • Your events will appear as Standard Listings which include Speaker, Venue and Organiser profiles.
  • If you are staging the same event in multiple cities, you can easily "Duplicate" the event for each new location, then link the events together to show delegates all the locational choices.
  • Should you decide to utilise additional Dentevents services, such as accepting registrations and payments through, it is a simple matter to upgrade your events to PREMIUM.
  • Once you have upgraded to Premium, you can choose to accept registrations and payments through Our customer service team will contact you to discuss your preferred payment method and finalise the set-up of your Account ready to accept registrations and payments.


CONTACT US if you need more information or assistance.