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Online Advertising

Online advertising is an ideal way to attract interest in your events from visitors to or one of our other 7 websites.

Online advertising is charged per 1000 impressions/views which is termed "cpm" and is available on in multiple sizes and at various prices including:

  • Gutters - max 744 x 891 pixels x 2 (left and right) - AUD $50 cpm
  • Leaderboard (Banner) - 728 x 90 pixels - AUD $30 cpm
  • Slider - 650 x 360 pixels - AUD $40 cpm
  • Rectangle - 210 x 155 pixels - AUD $20 cpm
  • Large Rectangle - 336 x 280 pixels - AUD $30 cpm

The positioning of the adverts can be seen at

Online Advertising pricing

Online advertising is charged per 1000 impressions (cpm). Each time the advert appears, this is regarded as 1 impression. If the cost is $30 cpm, then for each $30 spent, theoretically, 1000 people will see your advert.

Advertising "credits" are purchased to "pay" for your adverts. AUD $1 buys 1 credit; however, discounts apply if you purchase a larger block of credits. For example, $100 will buy 200 credits, effectively doubling your exposure.

When "clicked", your advert can be linked to display your event or to an external website URL. The content of the advert is also not limited to dental events, however, all adverts must be approved prior to appearing on any of our websites.

Managing your Online Advertising

Online advertising for our 8 websites is centrally managed by logging in at

An advert record is created and the artwork is loaded in JPG, PNG or GIF format.

Advertising credits are then "applied" to the advert. The more credit applied, the higher your "impression target".

Once the artwork is approved, your advert will appear on the websites selected, between the dates selected until the impression target is reached.


CONTACT US if you need more information or assistance.