Practical workflows for fabricating dentures digitally



From: 9:00 AM Saturday, 25 February, 2023

To: 5:00 PM Saturday, 25 February, 2023



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This event is both a lecture documenting why you should choose digital dentures today as the optimal solution for your dental practice or denture clinic together with a LIVE systematic run-through of the process for fabricating BOTH full and partial dentures digitally. You will be able to follow Sam Dias as he explains the step-by-step process he uses in his four clinics across Sydney every day.

A demonstration of accurate intraoral scanning and prostehtic design ensures that the outcome won’t be compromised while saving time and money for you and your patient.

The session will conclude with a Q&A session discussing options leading to self-design or aided design as well as the finishing and polishing process.

This course will cover the following...

1. Impression vs Scanning

A discussion and slide presentation comparing intraoral scanning and traditional impressions including a live scan of dentures will be shown. The scanning process will be shown step-by-step and the many different impression techniques currently used will be reviewed and details of how these can be carried on to the digital world shown.

2. Adding mesh and articulator adjustment

Combining multiple scans and adjusting the setup of the virtual articulator will be shown.

3. Wizard and model analysis

Wizards and model analysis tools will be explained.

4. Digital denture teeth selection

How to select the correct digital denture teeth library will be discussed as well as the use of the measure tool plus patient notes and extra scans. Denture teeth library options and applications will be discussed.

5. Digital denture teeth setups

Digital denture teeth setup tips and tricks for faster and more effortless setups will be detailed.

6. Denture base design

Key principles to bear in mind when designing your denture bases plus a guide to troubleshooting.

7. 3D printing

3D printing techniques plus a guide to material selection and achieving better outcomes.

8. Carded denture teeth

Step-by-step bonding technique with tips and tricks.

9. Staining technique

Techniques for staining and filling in the gaps.

10. Finishing and polishing

Tips to achieve a great final outcome.

Discussion + Q&A Session

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Mr Sam Dias

Adv.Dip.Dent.Pros, Dip.Dent.Tech

Sam Dias has been working within the Dental Laboratory field since the early 1990s. In 2005, he completed his Dental Technology Diploma and in 2008 he opened and ran a fully functional Dental Labor...

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