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Mr Damian Synefias

Dental Technician

Damian is an entrepreneur who founded Proslab Dental Laboratory over thirty years ago. Innovation is his mantra. His focus was to create the lab of the future, investing in CAD/CAM technology to provide clients with quality, accuracy and choice.

Damian has built a lab that offers a mix of digital and traditional product solutions delivering improved quality, accuracy and customer satisfaction.

In 2013, Proslab Dental was the first to invest in CAD/CAM Partial Frameworks in Australia, priding itself as the only fully serviced lab to make all appliances onsite using an in-house delivery service. In 2016, they launched two new products - Digital Special trays (3D printed) and Digital Dentures.

Damian's quest didn’t stop there; in 2017 Damian invested in 3D laser printing technology to deliver a more accurate-fitting Removable Partial Denture, positioning Proslab at the forefront of a digital dental revolution. Damian recognises that 3D printing is now the way of the world.

Today, Proslab is a state-of-the-art laboratory employing over thirty staff and with the aid of digital dentistry, is able to provide clients with appliances at very competitive rates.

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