Mr Arnie Jabour

Dental Prosthetist, Diploma of Education

Dental Prosthetist

Arnie has over 40 years’ experience in the dental industry, starting in the Royal Australian Navy as a dental assistant Dental Technician Dental Educator, he went on to manage dental clinics and the Navy’s dental training school. In 2007 he Graduated from TAFE NSW as a dental prosthetist and continues to practice privately. Since joining Ivoclar Vivadent in 2001, Arnie has developed the Biofunctional prosthetic system courses in conjunction with the Suction effective Mandibular courses and trained over 500 clinicians and technicians. He teaches removable prosthetics nationally and internationally.

He continues to develop Ivoclar Vivadent’s removable prosthetic side of the business, and derives a great deal of satisfaction from visiting clients and seeing them grow in their understanding of the benefits of precision quality removable and implant prosthetics. As Ivoclar Vivadent’s Clinical and technical trainer, he has introduced Suction Effective Mandibular denture techniques into Australia, where it has become one of the most important developments in retention and stability of lower dentures. More recently, Arnie is involved in the testing and implementation of Ivoclar Digital Dentures.

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