Prof Patrick Schmidlin


Professor Schmidlin has worked at the Department of Preventive Dentistry, Periodontology and Cariology (PPK) at the Center for Dentistry at the University of Zurich for almost 15 years. Professor Schmidlin was awarded the Venia Legendi in 2006 by the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich. In 2012, he was appointed Honorary Associate Professor at Otago University, New Zealand. Professor Schmidlin is the Head of the Specialization Program for the acquisition of the Periodontics Specialists in the Periodontics Department of the Swiss Society of Periodontology at the University of Zurich.

His research interests include:

  • Anti-infective management of caries and periodontitis
  • >Prevention and non-/minimally invasive therapy of caries
  • Non-surgical and regenerative periodontal therapy
  • Peri-implantitis
  • Dentin hypersensitivity

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