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Ms Jarrah  Brailey


Ms Jarrah Brailey

Social Media Strategist


Jarrah is an award winning social media strategist, and Founder of Sydney-based social media marketing studio, SBJ Studios, where she helps brands and businesses all over the world to help them unlock the incredible potential social media has when it comes to build a brand, an audience and ultimately paying customers and clients.

In June 2018, Jarrah was working a part time corporate job and running SBJ purely as a side-gig and passion project. Flash forward to now? SBJ is now not only her full time job, it’s a team, and a company of its own.

Ironically, the growth her company has experienced would absolutely not have been possible without social media itself -- both paid and organic. Jarrah has experienced first hand what can happen when you *humanise* your social media marketing and communicate the story, values and vision that make your brand different and beautifully unique, as well as master the art of selling online.

Every brand has a story worth telling, a journey worth sharing and values worth preaching.... And that’s exactly what Jarrah does through humanised strategies, thought-provoking copy and action-inspiring content.

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