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Ms Cathy Boyce


Ms Cathy Boyce

Oral Health Therapist

Cathy is an Oral Health Therapist who has enjoyed a long and rewarding career in the dental profession, working in many aspects of dentistry in both public and private clinics.

Cathy’s use of silver fluorides began in NSW during the 1980’s, and she quickly adopted the use of silver fluoride materials in both public and private clinical settings when they again became available for use in Australia. Used alone, or when combined with modern dental materials, silver fluoride use became integral in her approach to managing caries and sensitivity in a wide variety of circumstances.

In September 2017 the ARM-ER approach to caries management (using silver fluorides) was published and is now being used across worldwide to guide clinicians (and their clients) on the use of silver fluoride materials within the contemporary clinical settings. 2020 is Cathy’s third year of educating clinicians and also public and private dental health providers across Australia and New Zealand in all aspects of silver fluorides use and sharing many of the case histories her clients have enthusiastically contributed.

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