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Mr Andrew B Cameron


Mr Andrew B Cameron

BDentTech, MDentTech, GCHE, PhD (Candidate)

Dental Prosthetist

Andrew is a lecturer in Dental Technology at Griffith University's School of Dentistry and Oral Health, Australia. Before this, he worked commercially in several dental laboratories and dental clinics as a technician and clinical dental technician (dental prosthetist). He currently teaches in the undergraduate Bachelor of Dental Technology and Dental Prosthetics program as well as undergraduate and post graduate dentistry programs. Andrew has a keen interest in maintaining and keeping up with the current trends in digital dentistry. He utilises digital technology techniques both clinically and technically daily for removable prosthodontics in both a teaching, research, and clinical context. He lectures both nationally and internationally on this topic. He is utilising multiple scanning, design and manufacturing systems to achieve these results. Andrew also has a keen interest in the development of novel guided surgical techniques for implantology and oral surgery and is actively involved in advanced analysis of cone-beam computed tomography. Andrew has publications in internationally high ranked peer reviewed journals in these areas of his expertise. He is also clinically active seeing his own patients for removable prosthetics one day a week within Griffith University's 96-chair clinic. He completes all his own laboratory work. This allows him to be able to apply the latest techniques and materials.

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