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Dr Torsten H Steinig

DDS (MHH), Dr.Med.Dent (MHH), MS (BCD), Cert.Endo (BCD)


Dr Torsten Steinig D.D.S. (MHH) Dr med. dent. (MHH) MS (BCD) CERT. ENDO. (BCD), ADEC Cert (Canberra), has been in full-time practice as a specialist endodontist in Sydney’s CBD since 2006.

Dr Torsten Steinig graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Texas (2004) with a Certificate in Endodontics, and a Master of Science degree in Oral Biology. Prior to returning to Sydney in 2006, he worked as an Endodontist in private practice in Dallas, Texas. From 2006-2016 he practiced as a full-time Endodontist in a private group practice in Sydney’s CBD.

Prior to his residency in endodontics, Dr Steinig graduated from the DDS program at the Medical College of Hanover, West-Germany (1989), and completed a concurrent post-doctoral degree in 1990 (Dr med.dent.). He worked in general dental practice in Melbourne for ten years, and held public office with the Australian Dental Association.

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