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Dr John  Fahey


Dr John Fahey

MPA, PhD, BA (Hons), Dip Paremedical Science (Ambulance), MICA

Dental Industry Personnel

Thirty-seven years of experience in emergency medicine and pre-hospital care, the Army and government service backed by serious academic research has developed John Fahey into one of Australia's leading and most original experts in pre-hospital emergency care, contingency planning and workplace health and safety.

This background has enabled John to develop a number of courses in modern pre-hospital emergency medical care for industry and the professions.These courses combine simplicity and advanced techniques in a comprehensive package designed for specific industries and workplaces and for medical personnel such as ambulance officers, industrial paramedics and for dental and medical professionals. Many of these courses are now regarded as industry standards.

In the area of workplace health and safety John has played a significant role in challenging orthodoxies that have retarded development of more effective approaches to risk management. Amongst his accomplishments have been the move of workplace health and safety education out of the regulatory environment into the educational system and the development of the new Australian 'harmonised' workplace health and safety laws in NSW. His current work in workplace health and safety is focused on developing more industry specific approaches to risk identification and management systems.

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