Dr Dev Banerjee

MB BS, Sleep Physician


Dr Dev Banerjee is a Consultant in Sleep and Respiratory medicine at the Woolcock Institute, St Vincent's Hospital (Public and Private), and St Vincent's Clinic, Darlinghurst. He is currently medical director of the Woolcock Institute clinical sleep services.

He graduated from Leeds University UK, and underwent Sleep training in England and later at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital 2003 to 2004. He was head of Sleep Medicine and Respiratory Failure Unit in Birmingham UK between 2004 and 2013, recently returning back to Sydney in 2013. He is actively involved in teaching and research of sleep and respiratory failure medicine, commonly undertaking lectures home and abroad.

He regularly undertakes media invites on television and radio in order to enhance the profile of sleep disorders within our society. He also undertakes a number of public engagements, educating members of the public on managing sleep disorders as a patient.

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