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Dr Dan Hanson


Dr Dan Hanson

BDS (Sheffield)

General Dentist

Dr. Dan Hanson ceased working in general dentistry in 2011. Since that time he has been dedicated to paediatric pre-orthodontics. Dr. Dan has lectured for Myobrace to global audiences of dentists and orthodontists. Locations have included London, Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Lyon and Auckland. He has also helped numerous dentists visiting from China, Japan, Singapore, USA and India. He now lectures independently and with Myofocus and The Tongue Tie Institute. Dr. Dan was Principal Dentist at the purpose built Robina Myobrace clinic, owned by Myobrace founder Dr. Chris Farrell, from its opening in 2012, until 2016. Until July 2017, his role also included training dentists within their own practices and writing case plans for dentists using the Myobrace case support system. In 2016, he successfully began the integration of the Myobrace System into the already existing Enhance Dentistry Clinic in Brisbane, where his role was focussed on the treatment and care of infant frenectomy and Myobrace patients. Through the partnership with Enhance Dentistry, he co-founded The Tongue Tie Institute, an educational organisation aimed at teaching the highest level of education in the diagnosis and treatment of oral restrictions for all age groups. In 2017 he partnered with Dr. Donny to create the Myofocus system. The first Myofocus clinic opened in Melbourne the same year. This is the flagship clinic where Dr. Dan and Dr. Donny work with patients together. Dr. Dan has a number of other useful skills beyond his dental degree. He seeks the root cause of symptoms, and has a keen interest in nutrition and breathing dysfunction and their effects on the mouth, teeth and jaws, as well as the rest of the body. He is a fully qualified Buteyko Breathing Retraining Educator, having successfully completed training in 2011 and has a wealth of knowledge about how to help people change breathing habits. He is co-founder of Heal Dental Care on the Gold Coast, where he runs his own laser tongue and lip tie clinic for infants, children and adults. Dr. Dan is a trained facilitator for Men’s Wellbeing, and is passionate about helping men reach their full potential though self-development. He has found his coaching and communication skills learned in this arena to be invaluable in encouraging patient compliance. Excellent communication and conflict resolution skills are an essential part of running a successful Pre-orthodontic clinic.

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