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A/Prof. Dale G Howes


A/Prof. Dale G Howes

BSc (Witwatersrand), BDSc (Witwatersrand), MDS (Prosthodontics) (Witwatersrand)


A/Prof Howes is a dental surgeon and prosthodontist. His interests lie in the field of functional head and neck rehabilitation, advanced digital technologies in craniofacial reconstruction, dental implant protocols and development. A/Prof Howes’s research has resulted in innovative implant products on the international market which have revolutionised some head and neck reconstructive as well as standard implant rehabilitative protocols.

With his translational research he has developed innovative implant fixtures, components and protocols to solve hard and soft tissue constraints in patients compromised by head and neck trauma and cancer.

He has lectured extensively worldwide and supervised Masters and PhD projects, been an external examiner nationally and internationally as well as publishing research and book chapters in fields including head and neck cancer rehabilitation, implant dentistry, occlusion and biomechanics.

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