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Australian Dental Association NSW Branch Ltd

Level 1, 1 Atchison Street

St Leonards NSW 2065

  • +61284369900
  • +61284369999
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About Australian Dental Association NSW Branch Ltd

Every year, over 6 million dental appointments take place across NSW and the ACT. These appointments are carried out by over 4500 dentists, 85% of which are members of our association. Our aim is to add value to the community by supporting our members in delivering value through the services they provide and the position that they hold as trusted, caring professionals.

The link between oral health and general health is strong with recent studies pointing to associations between oral infections - primarily gum infections - and diabetes, heart disease, stroke and preterm, low-weight births. With this in mind, another core focus of ADA NSW is to promote oral health awareness and leading models of care for the public.