Interactive workshop providing the whole dental team with recent develoments


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From: 1:00 PM

Wednesday, 15 November, 2017

To: 5:00 PM

Wednesday, 15 November, 2017



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Sterilisation and Infection are important for personal safety and patient safety!

This 1/2 day interactive workshop outlines recent changes and recommendations with specific focus on instrument management efficiencies, as well as providing an overview on infection prevention and sterilisation for those new to the industry. Brought to you in conjunction with Hu-Friedy, it will provide the whole dental team with an update on recent developments in infection prevention and will support implementation of successful protocols for efficiencies in everyday practice.

This workshop will cover:

  • Office Based Practice, the technicalities of key reference documents and clinician obligations.
  • Why is infection prevention and control important in dentistry.
  • Standard and risk-based precautions.
  • Policy & Procedures manuals - how, why and the importance of team implementation.
  • Hand Hygiene - protect patients, protect yourself.
  • Personal Hygiene and Personal Protective Equipment requirements and use.
  • Reprocessing and safe-handling of used instruments (reusable medical devices).
  • Pre-cleaning for successful sterilisation - the critical step.
  • Improving workflow in instrument reprocessing and patient changeover.
  • Disinfection vs detergency.
  • Surface management protocols - clinical contact surfaces and general environment.
  • Instrument reprocessing - the most efficient overall process.
  • Sterilisation - packaging, loading, monitoring requirements and recording the process.
  • Quality Management and Validation - equipment, and the overall sterilisation process.

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