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From: 9:00 AM

Friday, 2 February, 2018

To: 4:30 PM

Saturday, 3 February, 2018



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This event includes information on the following topics:

The intended audience for this event includes:

This two day introductory course in botulinum toxin and dermal fillers will cover foundation principles eg. facial anatomy, the science of facial ageing, facial aesthetics, the science and pharmacology of the products being used, basic indications and injection techniques, complications, prevention and management - in the form of didactic training/lectures.

The demonstration of surface and applied anatomy, product management and injection techniques will be in the form of hands-on training. A full variety of products available on the market will be discussed. The use of the products outside the approved indications will not be covered. It will be necessary to pass a written exam before moving onto the hands-on component of the course.

It is requested for attendees to bring their own patient to the hands-on practical session of the course.

Topics include

Using common "cosmetic injectable products" in a safe, efficacious manner within the scope of practice. Specifically:

  • Lower Face Anatomy
  • Physiology of Ageing with respect to the lower face
  • Pharmacology of botulinum toxins and filler
  • Consent and pre-treatment
  • Injecting techniques
  • Understanding, preventing and managing complications

Learning Objectives

To safely and successfully incorporate botulinum toxin and filler treatments into the dentists current scope of practice: effectively, efficiently, and within the confines of the law.

The smile is the universal expression able to convert and show off our emotions, disarm and welcome. It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but the smile is the door.

As we age, the structures of the lower face start changing due to a range of activities:

  • The bones start to resorb and reduce over time
  • The teeth change in colour and size
  • The gums start to reduce in size
  • The muscles around the mouth become stronger
  • The muscles of chewing become bigger and bulkier
  • Fat pads move and either become bigger or smaller, and
  • The skin itself becomes thinner and our lips start reducing in size and shape

Other Information

The Dental Board of Australia has reviewed its Policy on the use of Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. The Board has taken a transitional measure by withdrawing the previous Interim Policy. In the absence of a finalised Policy, the Board now appears to allow for the provision of these treatments, very much subject to the specific conditions set out in the DBA communique issued on 5th November 2014. The overriding principle is that like all treatment provided by a dentist, these treatments must be within the practice of dentistry.

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Dr Kate E Morlet-Brown


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Speakers at this event...

Dr Kate E Morlet-Brown


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