Hollywood, USA


From: 9:00 AM Wednesday, 13 September, 2017

To: 5:00 PM Saturday, 16 September, 2017

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The Oral Design Foundation is a group that has evolved over 35 years and will continue to grow. Oral Design constitutes a fellowship which, without a doubt will be the future reference when it comes to inspiring and passing on the know-how in the world of dental artistry. Last year’s Symposium in Madrid, Spain was a huge success with attendees from all over the world. We anticipate Hollywood California in 2017 will be equally as successful!

Presenters at the Oral Design Symposium possess the skills of a craftsman and touch of an artist. Each presenter and member of Oral Design equally need to acknowledge and perform a certain attitude towards the profession and all the dimensions of it. Oral Design Symposium will bring together like-minded dental professionals that share a mutual interest and values. All over the globe the Oral Design foundation shares the skills and experience to help other people not only look but to feel better and we are excited to bring everyone together under one roof in 2017! We look forward to your professional expertise in Hollywood!

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Dr Douglas Terry

Dr Douglas A. Terry presently holds positions as an adjunct professor in the department of restorative sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, assistant professor in the department of ...