Mishandling phone enquiries could be costing you thousands of dollars!



From: 8:00 AM Thursday, 12 July, 2018

Registration opens at 7:30 AM

To: 4:30 PM Thursday, 12 July, 2018

This event includes information on the following topics:

The intended audience for this event includes:

When a prospective client calls your practice, there is a lot of work required to get them onboard as a new patient. Without training, inbound calls in a busy practice may often be treated as an unwelcome interruption to the front office's day.

This seminar will enable team members and practice owner's to:

  • Maximise conversions of phone calls to patients
  • Build trust and form a relationship before the patient even meets the dentist
  • Treat each phone call like the potential value it represents

Optimise phone conversations:

  • Prepare your patients by improving communications over the phone
  • Deal with difficult patients
  • Learn how to take control of conversations with telephone shoppers

"I enjoyed this workshop a lot! I have learnt a lot, especially how to take and make phone conversations in a different way! Thank you for all your help." P Dyer