From: 9:00 AM Saturday, 13 February, 2016

To: 5:00 PM Saturday, 13 February, 2016


The intended audience for this event includes:

Introducing Invisalign® Access - an innovative and simplified solution exclusive to General Dental Practitioners that makes it easier for you to assess, plan and treat patients to get the aesthetic teeth straightening outcomes you and your patients want.

The Invisalign Access Training Programme helps you to develop new skills and extend your practice offering by treating minor aesthetic cases. The programme consists of an online training session, followed by an in-person training day with live hands-on sessions to give you a thorough understanding of how Invisalign Access works.

Invisalign Access offers the ongoing support you need to help patients smile with confidence - from the first assessment to the final outcome. Invisalign Access provides a range of benefits including:

  • An automated case assessment tool, enabling you to identify the right patient
  • Simplified digital treatment planning
  • An integrated patent-pending progress assessment tool, enabling you to receive confirmation within minutes that your case is tracking as planned
  • Ongoing support with free customer support and clinical phone support
  • Easy referrals to an orthodontist depending on the complexity of the case
  • The confidence of providing one of the world’s leading clear aligner brands that patients are increasingly requesting
  • Invisalign smiles in as little as 8 months (average treatment time)
  • Cost of $1800 inc GST for full arch treatment
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Dr Luke S Cronin

BDSc (Qld)

Dr Luke Cronin is a leading Sydney-based cosmetic dentist specialising in stunning smile transformations. His cosmetic work has attracted a global following with cutting edge cosmetic dental techni...

Cancellation Policy

Terms and Conditions: 1. The Programme cannot be combined with any other Invisalign discount Programmes or offers. 2. University Residents, teaching and research staff and members of Research Institutions are not eligible to participate. 3. Align reserves the right to terminate the Programme in whole or in part, or to cease accepting further participants for the Programme. 4. Only doctors who are in good standing with Align (as determined by Align and defined in our Pricing Terms and Conditions) will be eligible to participate. 5. Eligibility for this or any other Align Programme is entirely at Align’s discretion. 6. In order to register for an Invisalign Access Training Course, a payment of $400 inc GST must be received by Align no later than ten (10) working days prior to the first Training Course date. 7. Doctor attendance at the online training session and day of the Invisalign Access Training Course is required. 8. If written cancellation is received within thirty (30) days of the scheduled Training Course, the Doctor has the choice of receiving a refund of the $400 inc GST training fee or rescheduling the Invisalign Access Training Course to another date within twelve (12) months of the originally selected Training Course date, subject to the provision of an IBAN code for the refund. 9. If the Doctor provides written cancellation not less than ten (10) business days prior to the Invisalign Access Training Course, the Doctor may reschedule the course to another Invisalign Access Training Course within twelve (12) months of the originally selected Training Course date without any penalty. 10. If the Doctor fails to attend the Invisalign Access Training Course no refund of the full Training Course fee will be paid and no alternative date will be offered. 11. No refund or discount will be provided for no or partial attendance of the day of the Invisalign Training Course. 12. The Doctor may attend the Invisalign Access Training Course either before or after completion of the online training session. 13. Align reserves the right to make reasonable changes to content, dates and/or location of the Training Course. 14. In the unlikely event of a cancellation of an Invisalign Access Training Course by Align, fees will be refunded if Align does not schedule an alternative Training Course in the subsequent 12 months attended by the Doctor. 15. Doctor is responsible for associated expenses such as travel, food, accommodation. 16. The content of the Programme and all materials are proprietary to Align and are Align’s Confidential Information and only intended for training purposes. They must not be retained, copied or provided to any third party. 17. Should you participate in professional discussions conducted via internet in a group forum or in a local event (“Discussion”) during which patient information is shared, you warrant you have obtained the explicit signed consent from each patient whose information is shared with others. Compliance with applicable data protection requirements is solely your responsibility in respect of your patients. Furthermore, you acknowledge that your participation in the Discussion is solely for professional development and you agree not to copy, retain, or otherwise misuse any patient or other confidential material you may obtain through the discussion process.
Payment Options:

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  • Full Program
  • AUD 400.00
  • Including 10% GST