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From: 9:00 AM Friday, 17 May, 2019

To: 4:00 PM Friday, 17 May, 2019



This event includes information on the following topics:

The intended audience for this event includes:

If you’re feeling stressed, overworked and financially vulnerable
as a dentist in Australia, then here’s some good news…

On May 17th 2019, your dental business
is about to change forever

Fellow Dentist,

If you’d like to fill your waiting rooms from wall to wall with patients and keep them coming back to your practice month after month…

… while working less hours than ever before…

… then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read.

As you’re no doubt aware… 

Your small private dental practice
is under attack

  • Corporate practices are stealing market share and breaking private practices over their knees

  • Insurance companies are putting downward price pressure on services, setting up their own practices and poaching your patients

  • Reduced patient spending is suffocating private practices across the country

  • Young millennial dentists are deploying modern marketing methods to push you out of the picture

  • Oversupply of dentists is driving down prices and killing off practices like a wild bushfire

But while many dentists will be forced to hang up their scrubs and close their doors for the last time in 2019…

… a small group of their competitors will be packing their waiting rooms wall to wall with patients…

… adding somewhere in the region of $100,000 to their business in the coming 24 months…

… while enjoying more free time and less stress than ever before.

Would you like to know what will
separate the successful dentists from
those who go bankrupt in 2019?

I’ll give you a clue — it’s not by working harder and longer hours.

And it’s certainly not by relying on old fashioned tactics such as word of mouth or “having a great website.”

Instead, the dentists who will survive in 2019 will be those who have more time, focus, productivity, energy and the smartest strategies to run and grow their practice.

That’s where I’m uniquely qualified to help…

Hi, I'm Dr. Emily Letran, author, speaker, charity owner, entrepreneur and successful dentist.

Over the past 20 years I’ve:

  • Grown two multi-specialty dental practices in Southern California

  • Become a certified high-performance coach

  • Written 5 best—selling books

  • Founded my own non-profit

  • Provided daily mentoring to young professionals

  • And raised three happy children!

And here’s the point…

You and I both have the same number of hours in each day. So, how am I able to achieve so much…

… when so many other dentists are feeling overworked, time poor, stressed, tired and stuck?

You have a choice.

You can keep working harder, sleeping less and spending less time with your family…

… or you can join me for a live workshop in Sydney where I’ll show you exactly how to…

Slash your work hours, wipe out
stress and flood your waiting room
with more patients than ever before!

Imagine have more time to work on your business and not “in” it every day, so you can grow your profits and plan for the future?

Imagine the relief of running a practice that’s fully booked out for weeks in advance?

Imagine what it would be like to put all your time and energy into patient care and never have to worry about marketing again?

Imagine doing all of this… while feeling more focused, calm and energised every single day?

Now is your chance to turn your
dental practice into a highly profitable,
stress—free business before it’s too late

On Friday 17th May 2019, at Level 5/88 Phillip St, Sydney NSW, a small group of dentists will gather in a private conference room to discuss some of the most potent strategies for freeing up hours of their day, escaping bankruptcy and adding somewhere in the region of $100,000 to their struggling practices within the next 24 months.

If you’d like to be in this room, this is your chance.


Action To Win!


During this one-day live event, myself (Emily Letran) and two of the world’s most sought-after dental marketing experts will be revealing our modern-day marketing tactics and operational secrets behind some of the most successful dental practices in the world…

… insider secrets you MUST know if you want to escape the jaws of bankruptcy, start attracting the high paying patients you deserve and create a healthier life.

Here’s exactly what we’ll be covering
during this exclusive event:

  • My powerful goal—setting strategy that took me from struggling in college to owning 3 highly profitable dental practices.

  • The explosive PR tactics I’ve used to position myself as an expert, increase my influence and rapidly grow my dental businesses for free (I’ve appeared on ABC, FOX, CNN, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Dental Town Magazine and many, many more using these same simple tactics!)

  • My practical hacks for creating higher ENERGY with simple, daily and weekly steps you can start using right away

  • The real secret to unstoppable productivity, allowing you to do more in less time and shortcut your way to success

  • My unique marketing strategies that will send your dental practice into the hearts and minds of thousands of potential patients in your local area (make sure your receptionist is prepared for the tidal wave of new bookings coming your way!)  

  • The proven systems I’ve used (and shared with thousands of now successful dentists) to hyper grow your business, lead your team, and become an unstoppable business owner who can’t be knocked off course

  • How to staff and scale the right way: Get the best talent, and get the most out of them from day one, so you can grow, delegate and retire years earlier

  • How to create a culture where your staff love working for you, and where patients can’t wait to refer you to their friends and come back for more treatments than ever before, without bribes or cheap discounts!

  • The secrets to retain patients, boost case acceptance & stop the “Fix-and-Repair” services

  • A simple technique to communicate better with your team so things run smoothly, staff are happier and costly mistakes are few and far between

  • My biggest secrets for leveraging technology to grow your dental practice, eliminate grunt work, get home earlier and have more time and energy to focus on high-profit generating activities instead

  • A framework for being intentional at running your business, planning your retirement and creating your perfect exit plan

These are not “wishy—washy” ideas but real, practical, hard—hitting and instantly applicable strategies you can start using the very next day to relieve stress and anxiety, become more productive, regain hours in your week and get more from your team, to name a few.

But wait, there’s more.

Joining me for this special one-day event are two highly sought-after dental marketing experts who are going to blow the lid off what you thought possible with your dental practice today.


Angus Pryor

Angus is a world leading Practice Growth Specialist, Dental Marketing Expert, Amazon best-selling author (The Dental Practice Profit System) and Founder of Dental Profit System. He is also an international speaker and coach to some of the most successful dentist practices in Australia.

During your time with Angus, you’ll discover:

  • How to add $100,000 to your business next year by understanding 1 simple yet massively overlooked marketing fundamental

  • The same simple strategy he has taught thousands of fellow dentists around the world for getting your website to the top of Google fast and attracting warm, ready—to—book patients to your practice on autopilot every single week

  • How his clients are using social media to attract endless patients each week for free

  • Why most dentists fail miserably with social media and how to avoid the 3 biggest time-wasting mistakes

  • “Behind the curtain” access to Angus’ top-secret marketing method that virtually no other dentists are using — a method that is single handedly bringing in dozens of new patients to small dental clinics every week, ready to hand over their credit card before they enter the practice.

  • His proprietary methods for attracting swarms of testimonials that help your Google listings rise to the top of search results, suppress any negative reviews and win new patients like clockwork.

Dr David Moffet

David is a dentist and a #1 Amazon Bestselling author. He is the inventor of The Ultimate Patient Experience ™, a simple to implement patient retention system he used to build and sell his successful Parramatta Dental Practice for several million dollars.

During this live event, Dr David Moffet will show you exactly how he built the dental practice of his dreams… and it’s not just blind luck…

David regularly teaches others how to predictable replicate his level of success, including one dental practice that took David’s advice and went from doing less than $60,000 per month to $1.8 Million per year, in less than two years.

Along with that, David will show you how to finally start doing the kind of dentistry you like doing and stop doing the work (and seeing those patients) you can’t stand working with!

Plus, discover some of his unconventional ways of establishing deep and meaningful relationships with your patients, leaving them feeling like you’re far more than just a “dentist” and frankly, irreplaceable.

You’ll also discover “in the trenches” tactics other dental gurus wouldn’t dream of sharing, including:

  • The unique way his telephones were answered in his million-dollar practice… and how these secret techniques dramatically improved new patient conversions into more booked and kept appointments...

  • How your poor dental patient handover techniques are causing you to have more cancelled appointments than you want…

  • A few simple things you can change today to retain way more existing patient appointments and prevent costly cancellations…

  • And many more of David’s proven secrets you simply cannot afford to miss in 2019!

Can you afford to stay home?

By attending this low-cost tax deductible event, you’re taking responsible steps to finally:

  • Rise above the rapidly growing competition in your local area and protect your livelihood for decades to come

  • Safeguard your business, your staff and your loved ones from the devastation of bankruptcy

  • Have a clear road map on how to grow your dental business in 2019

  • Eliminate stress, anxiety and “cloudy thinking” from your life once and for all, so you can finally focus, set goals and achieve more

  • Set and smash goals like never before using cutting edge tactics you won’t learn in most personal development or productivity books

  • Reclaim hours of your life each day to work on your business, rekindle relationships, watch your kids grow up or pursue a life—long passion

  • Get honest and detailed answers to your most burning questions during a panel of expert’s Q&A session

  • Network with like-minded dentists and meet new friends

  • Have some fun (food, drink and friendly company await you!)

What price would you put on saving
your dental practice and those
affected by it?

What would it be worth to never have to worry where the next patient is going to come from, or whether you can afford to pay your staff next week?

What would you invest to finally have your surgery booked solid for weeks in advance, while the marketing virtually takes care of itself — giving you more time to focus on patient care?

What would you give to have more spare hours in your day, more time with your loved ones, more energy and focus and none of the usual stress and anxiety that’s keeping you awake at night?

Only you can say what this is truly worth to you over the next 5, 10 or 15 years, but one thing is for sure…

… from the staff you hire to the family you come home to, there’s a lot of people riding on your decision here today.

We urge you to think carefully before putting your practice and your health at further risk.

In the past, our highly anticipated live events have usually sold for $880 per ticket, attracting dentists from across Australia who clearly recognised the value of real expertise to save and grow their practice, without working longer hours.

But there’s a problem.

We realise not every dentist can afford that kind of expense — even though it is tax deductible.

That’s why we’ve decided to scare the living daylights out of our accountants and partners by lowering our ticket price to a point where nobody is left out or held back by money.

At just $247, this is your chance to attend this one—of—a—kind event to safeguard and grow your dental business fast.


WHERE: Level 5/88 Phillip St, Sydney NSW,

WHEN: Friday 17 May, 9am - 4pm


Includes lunch, morning/afternoon tea, course materials and selected evening drinks.



At this low price, we’re losing money hosting this event. So why don’t we charge more for this extremely valuable training?

It’s simple — this is our chance to prove that we have your best interests at heart and that we can finally help you move your dental business forwards.

If you love what you see during this live event, there will be further opportunities to work with us in the future, but that’s certainly not compulsory or obligatory.

While many other “training events” in this industry are nothing more than thinly disguised sales pitches that leave out information in order to sell you an additional program or coaching, we’re BUCKING THE TREND…

… and giving away our best secrets for free during this live event!

Which means you’ll walk away from this live event with complete action steps, insider strategies and take-home materials to propel your practice forwards…

… and attract dozens of new patients every month, free up hours of your week, reduce your stress levels and increase your bottom-line profits.

Hurry, tickets are selling fast. Secure
your seat today before it’s too late!

P.S — Don’t sit on the fence for this one. Seats are selling fast, and this event may never happen again, especially at this low-ticket price. Book your seat now and save $150 on this exclusive live event, before it’s too late!

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Dr Emily LeTran

Dr Emily Letran is a general dentist who owns two multi-specialty group practices in Southern California. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from UC Riverside (magna cum laude, Phi Bet...

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Dr David R Moffet


Dr David Moffet, BDS, FPFA, is a general dentist from Sydney and the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller “How to Build the Dental Practice of Your Dreams (without killing yourself) in Less Tha...

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Mr Angus Pryor

MBA (Marketing)

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