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Dr Craig M Erskine-Smith

BDS (Adel)

Dental Industry Personnel and General Dentist

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  • Pierre Fauchard Academy

Dr Craig Erskine-Smith is the CEO of Erskine Oral Care and inventor of numerous dental products in common use today, notably the Piksters range seen in Pharmacies globally. He graduated in 1979 receiving a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Adelaide. During his practice life he has developed various innovative techniques including the use of gum-coloured filling material for disguising teeth with excessively worn gums, a method for stopping unsightly gum shrinkage following extraction and special techniques for making highly durable tooth coloured veneers on natural teeth and over existing caps or crowns. He has also developed patented dental products and devices such as the worlds’ first flexible patient education model demonstrating the dynamics of cracked cusp syndrome to make it easier for the patient to understand this complex condition. This has received acclaim from dentists in Australia, the US and Europe. Dr Erskine-Smith continues to develop, commercialise and market a range clinical and digital dental products.

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