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From: 9:00 AM Tuesday, 20 June, 2023

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To: 4:30 PM Wednesday, 21 June, 2023



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Digital Dentistry is rapidly evolving with new Techniques and materials that are creating outstanding esthetics benefits for patients. The understanding of the full Digital workflow and how to achieve these highly aesthetic outcomes of a complex case will be clearly explained during this 2 day course.

 This course will give you the opportunity to experience and learn in detail the entire workflow of an implant-supported zirconia bridge, from impression scan/intraoral scan to completion with micro-layering of white and pink aesthetics.

Designing and manufacturing an Implant supported Bridge with Gingiva

 This extended indication requires a high level of knowledge in the laboratory, as several essential points in the workflow have to be managed, such as the creation of a digital impression or the scanning of the impression, the implementation of the corresponding CAD 3D design, the milling templates in the CAM software, the management of the milling machine, the selection of the zirconium used for this solution and the micro-layering to optimise the aesthetics.

We believe that there is great value in recognising the correct implementation of some important steps, as well as receiving valuable tips and tricks from Jurgen to efficiently achieve the desired aesthetic result

Topics covered

  • Intraoral scans
  • Model scanning
  • Implant/Abutments scans
  • Latest software version CAD
  • Structure design CAD for micro -layering
  • Choice of zirconia material
  • Milling
  • Sintering/Infiltration
  • Tooth microlayering management of colour and 3d effects.
  • Key tips related to firing aspects for implant bridge structure
  • Shape of the artificial gingiva

The art of creating highly aesthetic Givgiva and Tooth structures

  • Mechanical and optical characteristics of multi layered materials
  • Selection of materials best correlated to case situations
  • Ceramics staining and microlayering
  • Gingiva microlayering possibilities with different pink ceramics colours.
  • Micro- and macrotexture of the tooth surface and Gingiva
  • Natural appearance glazing technique
  • Tooth microlayering management of colour and 3d effects.
  • Ceramic grinding and polishing burs
  • Loupes
  • Ceramic brushes and tweezers
More info

Mr Jurgen Seger

Jurgen Seger is a Swiss Dental Technician certified in 1985. He has worked at several dental laboratories in Switzerland, Germany and USA specializing in ceramic and implant supported work. In 1992...

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