Boot Camp 2020 - LB

Lecture and Hands-on Course

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From: 8:15 AM Saturday, 13 March, 2021

To: 5:30 PM Saturday, 13 March, 2021


This event includes information on the following topics:

The intended audience for this event includes:

Achieving realistic and aesthetic anterior composite resin restorations can be a challenge even for the best general dental practitioner. This is often due to a number of barriers throughout the clinical process. This course aims to address these in a practical way which dentists can then use in their everyday scenarios.

We aim to enhance our delegates understanding of the shape and morphology of the anterior dentition, the various methods of shade selection, instrument selection and tips on an easy, predictable use, provide a step-by-step approach to contouring and polishing, as well as using a layering technique to mimic the natural dentition.

A majority of the day will be dedicated to hands-on exercises on extracted teeth, learning the concepts behind building a natural anterior restoration, maximizing the aesthetics of the composite resin using various techniques including the traditional putty key technique as well as various novel emergency appointment style approaches to anterior restorations that dentists can use in ‘every day’ situations.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the shape and morphology of anterior teeth and how to replicate this clinically.
  • Understanding the various methods for selecting the correct shade for anterior composite restorations.
  • Introducing a polychromatic layering technique using everyday vita-based composites that most dental practices will have access to.
  • Discussing the importance of instrument selection and providing tips on an easy and predictable use.
  • Repair of defects and bubbles.
  • Providing step by step contouring and polishing techniques for achieving life-like anatomy and appearance.

Hands on

Participants will complete 2 anterior restorations by the end of the course, one of which done via the traditional putty key method, and the other using a variety of techniques to simulate the “emergency style” or “limited time” approach.

This course is limited to 20 participants, with access to both speakers throughout the day.

Loupes & headlight, at least 2 extracted anterior teeth (preferably mounted in putty side by side and in contact). Note: if delegates cannot collect 2 extracted anterior teeth then typodonts will be provided. However, extracted teeth will allow participants to best get the most out of their learning experience at the course.

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Dr Sam Koh

BDSc (Hons) (Melb), FICCDE (GP Orthodontics), FIADFE (New York), FPFA (London)

Dr Sam Koh is a Melbourne-based dentist, graduating from The University of Melbourne with First Class Honours. As the principal dentist of Orions Dental Taylors Lakes & Heyfield Dental Group, his s...

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Dr Aodhan J Docherty

BMedSci (Syd), BDent (Hons) (Syd), Grad Dip Clin Dent (Implants) (Syd)

Dr Docherty is a graduate of the University of Sydney Bachelor of Medical Science and Bachelor of Dentistry, completing his studies with honours and a University Medal. He has engrossed himself in ...

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